The Bridal Party

Each bridesmaid dress is unique and is designed with the following in mind; look and fit, contemporary fabrics, and timeless styling all ensure that the dress can be worn time and time again long after the wedding. We put our personal touch and signature on every Dress. Our customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority and part of the Jack Forrest Couture experience.

Designing the perfect Bridesmaid Dress

There are many different styles of bridesmaids dresses available to the bridal party and equally many different body types. Making the right dress choice for the bridal party to wear can be difficult.

Our expertise in this area can help in the decision making process by taking into consideration not only fabric choices, style and fit, but also proportions and body types. Our experience has taught us that choosing a design that compliments even the most difficult of body types by emphasizing the positive features and minimizing those areas of concern to make each girl look and feel beautiful.

A Jack Forrest Couture special touch is having each bridesmaid select a design that best reflects her personality and sense of style. All the dress will meet with the bride’s approval and will all be constructed in the same fabrics with the Maid of Honor in something with a little “Bling”, embellishments, or accenting fabrics. We have found that the bridal party responds well to this concept and helps to ensure that the dress was worth the investment and therefore could be worn time and time again. This will defiantly make for “Happy Bridesmaids.”

Mother of the Bride & Flower Girls

We also offer design services for Mother of the Bride Dresses and Flower Girl Dresses. Choose from the latest assortment fabrics in an array of colors that will meet the needs of any budget. Each garment is made using the same high-quality standards, craftsmanship and custom fit that is our standard.

The Party

"A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride."

- Alfred, Lord Tennyson